Aesthetics For Life Program

Looking good on the outside is directly proportional to the body chemistry found on the inside. The acceptable balance of cellular vitality produces the skin’s energy and reflects on the face and body. Skin radiance is a natural aesthetic, so establishing a good foundation for cellular cultivation warrants real results. This is why some plastic surgeries go awry, and procedure outcomes look, “alien-like”.

If the skin had been internally prepped prior to engaging in permanent surgery this wouldn’t happen. Behaviors like, no sleep, stress, and poor diet will advance and enhance aging. eCenter specializes in a natural anti-aging program by way of Regenerative Medicine and The Eberstein Method; supplements, homeopathic medicine, peptide therapy, acupuncture facelifts, stem-cell revitalization, and More!


“If you don’t look the way you should on the outside, what do you think your organs look like on inside!”

 – Jocelyne Eberstein

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