Immune System Resilience Program

The immune system protects you from harmful threats on the inside and the outside, but it can’t when it fails and that’s when we get sick. The immune system is a big deal, in the body! It’s the moat around the castle, the firewall surrounding the network; it’s involved in every single bodily systems maintenance. This comprehensive machine controls inflammation, pain, energy levels, cancer, ability to think, ability to fight off viruses, infections, and toxins so that they don’t “storm and take over the castle”.

Autoimmune diseases are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and this comprehensive program uses The Eberstein Method to treat and re-ignite the body’s “fighting force”. The program’s design is unique to each individual’s disposition and their situational environmental factors, which are carefully evaluated in order to coordinate a treatment plan that’s right for the patient. 

immune booster

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