The Mood Stabilization Program

eCenter Wellness uses the Neuro Emotional Technique. Neuro Emotional Technique [NET] is a psychotherapeutic system that combines a number of techniques and principles from traditional Chinese medicine and applied kinesiology that reconstitutes brain chemistry.

This program focuses on imbalances in the skeletomuscular system, any unresolved negative emotional blocks, physical or emotional, and complexes (NEC). Toxins in the body, and deficiencies in nutrition play a huge role in active depression and anxiety. Stressful periods in life will inflame the brain and deprive it of the 4 fuels it thrives on: oxygenation, blood flow, activation, blood sugar stabilization. Uneven Moods, a lack of passion and feelings of emptiness, do not indicate a healthy brain.

mood stabilization

Narcotic drugs like, Adderall are short circuiting the brain, causing an onset of depression when a patient is without the drug. Mood is decreased by logged adrenal glands and/or not having enough adrenaline or cortisol to function. The brain can re-build itself and neurotransmitters are made up of proteins and amino acids, (serotonin and dopamine), which the eCenter can administer by functional medicine, peptide therapy, and stem-cell revitalization. Against vegan diets, anxious, depressed, fits of rage, melancholy all the time. “If you’ve lost that spark for life, then this program is for you” – Jocelyne Eberstein

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