Sports & Athletic Enhancement Program

eCenter Wellness has trained and treated olympic athletes and NBA star athletes, not only for conditions but also, have enhanced their performance through The Eberstein Method. Even if you’re not an elite athlete we will treat you, and train you in exact same way. By imaging muscles and by lab testing reports, we can really “look under the hood”, to make sure every muscle and nerve is “firing” functioning harmoniously.

We must also check to see that your body has the capacity to perform under athletic stress; making sure some stronger muscles are not compensating for weaker muscles. A foundation check testing the body’s range of motion, nutrition biochemistry. Let eCenter help you to achieve your fitness and athletic permeance goals with this comprehensive program suitable for All Ages! and All Sports levels! 

athletic training

The eCenter combines our precise objective testing with natural medicines for fitness enhancement  and endurance optimization. We test heart rate, with our variability training, bioimpedance analysis, inflammatory factors, body composition. We specialize in treating pain by using non-surgical medicine. We offer, Injections with peptides and stem-cell vitality injections, the athlete’s physical therapy, IV nutrient therapy, acupuncture, hyaluronic acid injection therapy, and More!

Perform at the highest level with eCenter Wellness!

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