The Hormone Balancing Program

No matter our age, our hormones determine quality of life, how gracefully we will age, our theoretical lifespan, and even if we’re pre-cancerous! Endocrine disrupters like environmental toxins, plastics, and chemically modified foods (such as soy products) result in body reactions such as weight gain, “man-boobs”, excessive facial hair in females, a sagging fatty gut, diabetes, infertility, low (or no) libido, fatigue, and autoimmune disease.   

Since hormones are the body’s chemical messengers, they affect the way the brain perceives reality, they give us our ability to move our bodies effectively (dexterity), and they allot metabolic vitality.  Should any branches of the hormone tree be depleted or imbalanced you are essentially “incarcerated” until you are replenished and equalized.

hormone imbalance

At the eCenter in Boca Raton, FL and Beverly Hills, CA, we do not, “prescribe you a pill and send you on your way.  Dr. Jocelyne Eberstein designed a unique, comprehensive treatment protocol called The Eberstein Method to return the body’s hormone production center to optimal balance by de-inflaming the body, detoxifying the liver, and boosting hormone receptors.

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