The “Eberstein Method”, developed by Dr. Jocelyne Eberstein comprises evidence-based science and techniques along with traditional Eastern wisdom and approaches/medicine.  

This remarkable program utilizes a 3-stage approach to deliver sustainable results: These are: 

  1. Remove the trigger
  2. Rebuild the foundation
  3. Revitalize, the final phase

Our goal is you ultimately become an empowered partner in your own healing.

Jocelyne Eberstein
  1. Remove – “Put out the Fire!”
  • The underlying cause (or trigger) is identified. 

This proven protocol starts with a detailed history, a thorough analysis of recent labs as well as imaging and/or reports, and a look at all aspects of your present health and anything that could be affecting it.  

  • Eliminate the cause. 

Jocelyne has a lot of tools in her toolbox to determine an individual plan of action just for you. Here are a few of the treatments, modalities and programs that could be included, and work in concert with one another to get to the heart of the matter:

    • Balance Method Acupuncture (note: link to description as this is a huge point of difference?)
    • Powerful (and Practical) Nutrition Plans
    • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Formulations
    • (PEMF) Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency
    • Customized IV Drip Therapy (Is Jocelyne’s IV therapy different, better, unique in any way?)
    • Customized Injectables (more specific? most folks will probably read “Cosmetic fillers, etc.: again, are  Jocelyne’s Custom injectables  different, better, unique in any way?)
    • Customized Oral Homeopathic Medicines
    • Far Infrared Sauna
    • Trans Cranial Stimulation

      2. Rebuild – “Fix the Foundation”

        • Repair the damage, or course correction. (Jocelyne, approve ) Once the underlying issue is eliminated, tissue and energetic reserves that have

         been depleted, damaged, or reduced in functioning must be rebuilt.  Phase Two is designed for the introduction of newly emerging cell signaling science known as Peptide Therapy with its regulatory and rejuvenation actions on neuro-endocrine-immune functionality. The result is a secure, stable, and substantial foundation.

          3. Revitalize – “The Final Phase”  

          • Complete Optimization of Function.  This means revitalizing and upregulating your body’s cellular function including cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, organs, nervous system, and brain (yes, brain!).

          For Jocelyne, this is the final phase in wellness: 

          “We are protecting and preventing the house from falling susceptible to another house fire.”

          Most importantly, Jocelyne wants you to feel individually empowered by what you have learned as well as what you have implemented.

          GET STARTED NOW!