High Blood Pressure Program

The Heart to Brain Relationship is necessary the foundation of the High Blood Pressure Program. Understanding this relationship is how we can get a full understanding of the cardiovascular system. The heart has its own complex nervous system called “The Heart-Brain”. The brain sends less information to the heart, than the heart sends to the brain. 

The heart is in constant communication with the brain and body through neurological, biochemical, biophysical, and energy reserves pathways. Electromagnetic fields generated by the heart penetrate every cell and may act as a synchronizing signal for the body.

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At eCenter Wellness we measure Heart Rate Variability, (HRV), which is a non-invasive measure of neurocardiac function that reflects heart-brain interactions and autonomic nervous system dynamics. It is a measure of the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate. A low HRV reflects a low energy level in the autonomic nervous system and is causational to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. This condition is also commonly associated with behavior problems, and difficulties with emotion regulation, depression, and anxiety. Reserving a consultation with Jocelyne Eberstein O.M.D. is the first step to obtaining your personal heart health knowledge, and knowledge is power!

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