The Complete Cancer Support Program

Whether Pre, Present or Post Cancer, the eCenter is by your side to support you every step of the way. If you have received a pre cancer diagnosis, then this is the time to treat your body with nutritional holistic care. By getting the body strong again, you can sustain the health you were meant to have and prevent disease. 

If you are presently undergoing cancer treatments and have received a positive cancer diagnosis, the eCenter prepares you for “the battle”. The Eberstein Method preps the body, jump-starts it energetically, and quells side effects from the cancer treatments.  

We work together with your oncologist to coordinate cancer care support and track every part of the treatment. For example, a targeted treatment to kill cancer cells requires your body to receive alternating support in that area. Our approach balances your body during cancer treatments. 

cancer treatment

If you’re in a post cancer situation, and the cancer “is out”, our goal is to make sure that cancer never gets back in!  By creating an anti-cancer environment within your body, we can thwart the return of disease.

The human body makes 30 cancer cells per day and if your immune system has “gone to sleep” and did not kill it then we need to get serious about our health!” – Jocelyne Eberstein

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