The Healthy Gut Program

If you suffer from chronic gas, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, or even auto immune symptoms such as eczema and arthritis, these are all signs of and unhealthy gut. Your microbiome is made up of microbes such as bacteria and yeast. Those microbes in the gut must maintain balance. When there’s too much of something, even good bacteria, this can lead to Crohn’s, inflammatory bowel disease, achy joints, skin disorders, food allergies, and sensitivity to odor. 

If you’re eating super healthy but can’t absorb it, your gut isn’t functioning properly. Three things make up this process: digestion and absorption, elimination of toxins, yeast and bacteria, and ongoing healthy gut tissue function. 

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We developed a Six Part program to:

  1. Normalize the gut, utilizing the problem assimilation 
  2. Protect the gut tissue with proper probiotics
  3. Heal the gut tissue, to prevent auto-immune and food allergy immune dysfunction 
  4. Detoxify your body, to get rid of toxins in the gut (undigested cabs and proteins)
  5. Prevent future migraines, hives
  6. Introduce healthy Flora, nutrition, peptides, IV nutrition

Repair and balance your gut, and you will be amazed at the results.  

This is repetitive and is already included as part of the Eberstein Method.  I say get rid of it.

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