Energy Rebuild Program

As time goes on and life has been live you will see a decrease in energy. But here at eCenter Wellness, I want you to have energy and that same excitement for life that you had as when you were young. This is why Dr. Jocelyne Eberstein created the energy rebuild program.

“Aging” is not about the number of birthday candles on the cake. Aging is what you do  for the body to keep it “young” and full of energy and vitality. In the cases of accelerated aging, lab testing explains “why?” this is happening. Taking actual scientific measurements through lab testing and by, in office physical exams, eCenter Wellness can assess how old you actually are based on hormone levels, on cellular chemistry, and by many other means.

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eCenter Wellness uses a scientific approach to obtain individualized patient assessments and correspondingly administers, The Eberstein Method, a customizable functional medicine approach to fulfill patient specific needs. Aging is classified as a disease according to,

The goal of eCenter Wellness is to reverse aging by seven years which will in fact, eliminate 50% of chronic illnesses, such as, arthritis, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, pain, thyroid upset, depression, and of course, aging.

 “Let’s find the root cause of your suffering and get you well again!” – Jocelyne Eberstein

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