Hair Restoration Program

The hair restoration program begins by understanding why you are losing hair. A full, beautiful head of hair starts with healthy hair follicles. Hair grows from the bottom of a hair follicle, and the hair root is nourished by blood from nearby blood vessels and is made up of protein cells. The quality of blood and blood flow is crucial because it aids the follicle’s function.  

We assess blood sugar stabilization, iron and sulfur levels, and sufficient protein in the blood as the start of a customized treatment as unique as you are. Based on those findings and a lifestyle review, we administer proven and painless medicinal practices.  Beyond The Eberstein Method principals, your treatment may include Chinese herbology, natural topical mixtures. Our goal is to internally prep the scalp, sustain the hair follicle, get healthy hair growing and keep it locked in. The result is thick, vibrant hair that brilliantly shines. Come to eCenter Wellness to get you hair and confidence back!

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