The Weight Loss Balance Program

Struggling to maintain a healthy, balanced weight?  Drastic diets, drugs and unnecessary surgeries give patients looking for a magic bullet a “quick-fix” to fat loss. Unfortunately, patients slide back into the same bad habits, feeling demoralized, starving, unhealthier and unhappier than before.

At the eCenter in Boca Raton, FL and Beverly Hills, CA, we listen to you and your body, and undertake a thorough analysis of recent labs and a BIA (Bioimpedance Analysis). These tests indicate toxicity levels, energetic reserves, lean body mass, etc. This data allows us to discover the underlying cause of your weight instability.

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We cannot do this without you. We strategize with you from day one, utilizing The Eberstein Method’s targeted treatment plans and personalized supplementation.  This ensures your body receives essential nutrients and eliminates cravings (a huge diet sabotage).  You will:

  • Learn how to eat and be satisfied
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Regain your energy

Strategic acupuncture upregulates your digestion, allowing absorption of nutrients from your food and supplements. Peptide and/or stem cell revitalization kick starts your body’s optimal weight balancing at the cellular level.

We know this isn’t easy. Oftentimes there is an emotional component involved. The eCenter provides additional supporting modalities and education to reinforce your ability to manage your reaction to stressful situations or a stressful environment: Neuro Emotional Technique [NET], The Alpha Stim (Transcranial Stimulation), the emWave, and the PureWave Mat utilizing PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency). 

Balance is beautiful. By the end of treatment, you will experience a complete paradigm shift when it comes to how you relate to food, view your body image, engage in movement and exercise. 

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