The Fertility Program

Dr. Jocelyne Eberstein has helped couples for decades finally get pregnant through her fertility program. Dr. Eberstein studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, China. During this time she completed advanced coursework in Chinese Gynecology. This type of Gynecology is one of the most promising areas of Eastern medicine warranting Western attention.

The treatments are proven effective and holistic exams provide explanations for women who experience infertility issues. We provide solutions for those who are “taking the pill” and want an alternative and those who experience heightened symptoms of their menstural cycle.

Conventional medicine can only temporarily treat but, not “correct” women’s issues. Using The Eberstein Method, this program is distinctly created for women seeking a healthy, balanced cure.  

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What Is Holistic Fertility?

Holistic fertility is a subset of holistic medicine, which maintains that a person’s mind, spirit, body, emotions, and lifestyle all have an impact on his or her overall health. If one of those factors is out of whack, the individual’s entire health, including fertility, will suffer.

Dr. Jocelyne Eberstein provide holistic fertility advice to both male and female infertility patients. Acupuncture, weight loss, stress management, and diet are all things they can help with.

The lack of a large body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of holistic fertility treatments is a disadvantage, while the number of studies studying the benefits of holistic reproductive practices is growing. Before pursuing holistic reproductive techniques, male and female infertility sufferers should speak with their doctor or an integrative medicine professional.

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