Thyroid Balancing Program

The thyroid is susceptible auto immune diseases. When it becomes inflamed, joints become inflamed, even the brain becomes inflamed. And, when you’re inflamed, the immune system is too “revved-up” and thus, no longer recognizes the thyroid. Environmental toxins are also hidden endocrine disruptors. For example, swimming pool chlorine binds thyroid receptors into a paralyzed state. This is where the Thyroid Balancing program comes in. To remove these insults, we look to other areas of the body. The gut can have bacterial overgrowth which will reflect as, bad skin, being tired, constipated, brittle nails and hair. 

At eCenter Wellness we identify and remove toxic triggers by way of The Eberstein Method, to heal the liver, provide the most specific to you treatment plan, customized by a plethora of treatment options to kick start your thyroid and get your life back on track.

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