We Provide Relief For Our Patients.

Here’s the Proof…

“I come to the eCenter for a vascular malformation, which at one point caused pain and immobility in my arm. But since I have been coming for treatment, I have had full mobility and absolutely no pain. The work Jocelyne has done has been amazing for me, because at one point I was a skeptic going to a million doctors who could do absolutely nothing for me.”

– Zach

“I have been seeing Jocelyne now for pretty close to a decade. I mentioned in conversation I was having some back issues and some leg issues related to my running. She gave me a treatment. The rest is history, I have been coming to her as regularly as I possibly can pretty much since. In addition to the treatment that I got, she also was really wonderful at suggesting stretching, exercises, different approaches to my exercise regiman. “

– Keith

“I was pretty stressed out, I had a lot going on. Wasn’t feeling very good, depression, anxiety, all that good stuff. Today is probably one of the best days I have ever felt in my whole life. It was not just the treatment, but the love she has for her clients. She is really excellent at what she does with the acupuncture. Technically she is great. But there’s a whole different element that a lot of doctors don’t have that she has and that;s the love and care she has for others.”

– Lloyd

“I have been a patient of Jocelyne Eberstein since 1990. I cannot tell you how profoundly she has effected my life. I have literally been coming every week since 1990, mostly for general maintenance. My understanding of my body, my systems, my hormones, my emotions, my appreciation for my gene pool is so enhanced by my treatments from Jocelyne. I can’t say enough about her, she has effected me on every level.”

– Barbara

“I found Jocelyne after experiencing some severe fatigue. When I came to see her I was looking very run down, I was a vegetarian. I just wasn’t my best self. After treatment, I feel like a completely different person. I’ve lost weight, I’m sleeping better, I’m eating better. People comment that I physically look healthier. Most importantly, I know that I’m really on the path to better health.”

– Rachel



“Jocelyne Eberstein literally and figuratively contributed to saving my life. Through her skill, education, passion and intelligence she helped to diagnose and treat me when western medicine was unable to. She is truly about healing the mind, body, and spirit. Whether strictly acupuncture, alternative or combination of western and eastern medical practices she will do whatever is necessary to get you what you need to heal. She is serious about her patients and her work. She wants you to live and love at your full capacity. Lucky you if you choose to be under her care. Your life will never be the same in the best possible ways. There is hope and healing with Jocelyn and The E Center.”

– Ann Cusack, Actress.

“Jocelyne was able to zero in on what was going on by looking at my mental, physical, and emotional  state as a whole, make an assessment , and come up with a plan.  I not only felt hopeful, but started  feeling better (for the first time in years) almost immediately.”

– I.S. & T.R.

“I came to see Jocelyn for an evaluation and she named off everything I was experiencing like she had  known me forever.  Since starting regular treatment with her, I am losing weight, repairing my digestive  system (which was completely shut down), and am on my way to feeling and looking better than I have  for the past couple of frustrating years.  I am eyeballing the skinny clothes in my closet and actually  already wearing some of them.  My journey may not be over, but I am well on my way, and the results  are undisputed.”

– Carol W.