The “Better Brain” Program

You can always build a better, and bigger brain.  At the eCenter, we have a proven track record of working to reverse the effects of cognitive dysfunction due to pre-menopause and post-menopause, post-natal mommy brain, chemotherapy, the autism spectrum, substance abuse, and cognitive decline. 

More effective than medication, The Eberstein Method’s success also includes the area of Cognitive Performance Enhancement. We start with Nootropics and anti-inflammatory techniques, and work with you to discover what is standing in the way of your brain function. Balanced, adequate hormone levels and well-regulated insulin (the main components that fuel the brain) offer effective functioning and thorough vitality. 

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A study published by UCLA-Bredeson, revealed their multi-factorial “re-code program” which resulted in halting early cognitive decline, slowed Alzheimer’s, and evidently, subjects grew a bigger brain!  MRI Volumetrics technology allows doctors to check each Lobes volume, which can be increased!  There is hope. 

The Eberstein Method is more effective than medication. This program is for all ages! and, pre-menopausal or, post-menopausal women, women experiencing “mommy brain”, adolescents on the autism spectrum, and more! “The ‘brain on fire’ is inflammation of the brain and anyone who is feeling that their ‘brain isn’t working’ should try a holistic approach first” – Jocelyne Eberstein

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