The CDC recommends we wear masks in public to contain the spread of COVID. The rationale is that the masks act as an effective barrier to stop those infected from spreading the virus through respiratory droplets (“aerosols”) when they talk, cough or sneeze, etc. This in conjunction with social distancing/isolation, and frequent, thorough hand washing.

None of these preventative measures are particularly harmful – though many argue that masks can inhibit people’s ability to breathe normally. (Then again, so does COVID.) The issue is simply that this disease has a pathology that is relatively unique and largely unknown to our bodies.


But COVID is an insidious virus. With a diameter of 60-140nm, it’s small enough to travel in super fine (smaller) droplets, making masks largely ineffectual. It’s also resilient enough to survive on surfaces for hours – days in cooler weather – making regular disinfecting essential and also easy to overlook.


How COVID Works

Once these flimsy preventative barriers are crossed, COVID enters our system. Its spiky surface proteins latch onto ACE2 receptors on cell surfaces, using them to burst into healthy cells, take over and replicate throughout the body. ACE2 Receptors have a higher concentration in lower lung cells, which is why COVID penetrates more deeply into the lungs, with more devastating impact than the flu.

COVID-19 decreases also increases the level of inflammatory mediators including cytokines and chemokines such as interleukin (IL)-2, IL-10 and IL-6, IL-7, IL-10 and many more. These “mediators” act as messengers to direct the body’s immune response. COVID-19 sends them into overdrive, which sends the body’s autoimmune response into overdrive, creating a hyper- “cytokine storm” or Cytokine Response Syndrome (CRS). This produces hyper inflammation, multi-organ failure, blood clots, lung infections, and the wide variety of symptoms – both severe and mild – we’ve come to fear COVID for.

COVID-19 is also thought to be more severe in those with G6PD deficiency – a enzyme which is essential in the production of healthy red blood cells.

So if we can’t stop it getting in, and our bodies can’t keep it out, how can we fight it?

Our autoimmune system might not have the natural defenses it needs right now, but there is fuel we can give it, to arm it, strengthen it and help it do its job in keeping this nasty virus from destroying our system.

boost immune system

NAC – Our Anti-Inflammatory, Autoimmune Boosting Hero

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) is an enzyme that is proven to inhibit the expression of cytokines, therefore reducing the “cytokine storm” and reducing the body’s inflammatory responses. .

NAC is also a precursor to reduced glutathione, which allows the body to compensate for the G6DP deficiency, by providing it with an alternative chemical pathway that allows it to produce healthy red blood cells.

When taken as a supplement, NAC, can help improve our body’s ability to fight of a wide range of autoimmune system virus and bacterial attacks – COVID-19 among them.

REMEMBER: It’s your Immune SYSTEM

Not a singular entity that operates in a vacuum. Our bodies are a mesh of complex internal systems that work together to maintain and regulate our bodies’ functions. Modern medicine can view us all the same and treat specific symptoms, rather than looking at how our systems are interacting with each other as a whole. Yes, COVID attacks your immune and respiratory systems. But we also need to take into account your blood and digestive system – for if those aren’t functioning well, then your immune and respiratory systems may not be either. In short, our systems all need to be supported and in balance to be able to function as best they can. And since, we’re all unique, it’s not a one-size pill cures all.

At the eWellness Center, we strive to keep your body in balance. We look at all of your body’s systems and unique needs to provide the specific support it needs to promote and maintain healthy functioning. Your body is unique and special. The care you receive should be unique and specialized too.

NAC supplement

NAC and Friends to the Rescue

NAC is a key component of our COVID RESCUE Supplement pack, which also contains Transfactor Multi Immune, Yin Chiao, Super C, Vitamin D, and Alamax.

Together, these supplements pack a powerful punch. While NAC (Nic Nac) reduces inflammation and promotes healthy red blood cells, the other supplements work together to promote a healthy autoimmune response by increasing activity of natural killer cells. These “killer cells” engulf infection causing macrophages, bacteria and help prevent free radical damage.

Among the many other benefits, the COVID RESCUE Supplement pack is a powerful source of antioxidants which is linked to the prevention of cancer and promoting cellular repair.

We highly recommend the COVID Rescue pack is taken along with all CDC recommended precautionary and preventative measures. It is an added layer of protection, and not to be used as a substitute for current health regulations or guidelines.

Why Your Brand of Supplement Matters

As a side note, while we’re talking about supplements and why they’re important – especially right now, it’s important to consider the bioavailability of a supplement. Bioavailability refers to how much of the supplement the body can actually breakdown, absorb and use in its basic functions. On the surface, all supplements look alike, which might make the cheaper pharmacy supplements seem more attractive.

But you most of those are typically mass produced and contain synthetic, inactive ingredients such as petroleum – which our bodies don’t absorb and can’t use (low bioavailability). This means you’re saving money on supplements… by spending money on cheaper supplements that probably aren’t even working.

All of our supplements are made from 100% plant based and natural sources, ensuring they maximize your body’s absorption ability and maximize their functions.

All supplements are not created equal.

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